Monday, August 28, 2017

VMworld 2017: VMware Cloud Services presented by Guido Appenzeller Chief Strategy Officer

67% of VMware customers forsee an end state where they rely on multiple clouds. If you are running in multiple clouds a key consideration is vendor lock-in. This creates silos of different ways of defining policy, firewalls etc with little portability between them. 

VMware Cloud Services is about creating a cloud agnostic, cross cloud management solutions. The current product portfolio consists of the following service offerings:

Discovery - gives you a central database of all services you are consuming between clouds; VMware, AWS and Azure for example. In addition you can tag them.
Cost Insight - allows you to analyze and compare cloud spend, find savings opportunities and the cost of services to the business.
Network Insight - is now offered as a cloud service. It takes data points across your enterprise or AWS and allows you to run analyzes on them. VMware found customers using this information to plan application migrations to understand the interdependencies 
Wavefront - allows you to take real-time monitoring analytics to the cloud to provide visibility on application health
NSX Cloud - the SaaS version of NSX; you go online, request a new cluster from AWS which is deployed (Note: at this time this service is only available on Amazon)

These services have been built on the AWS Cloud. Pricing is available on http:/ . There are two costing models, pay-per-use or prepaid for one to three years.

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