Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Transforming the Data Center to Deliver Any Application on Any Platformwith Chris Wolf @cswolf

It's not just about Cloud, it's also about bringing services to the edge. Why does the edge matter? Well your average flight, if it is using IoT is generating 500 GBs of data per flight. How do we mine that data when we are turning planes around so quickly? This is creating a huge pull for the edge. Edge mastery is a new a competitive advantage. 

VMware is focused on Speed, Agile, Innovation, Differentiation and Pragmatism. VMware also realizes that hyper scale cloud platforms are not right for every use case. Public Cloud provides great speed but it is sticky. For application agility on Public Cloud there is a tendency for operational drift. VMware's approach is to have globally consistent infrastructure-as-code.

Nike is showcased for how they leverage NSX. They leverage NSX to securely deploy development environments. In addition they run a true hybrid environment and run services in Azure and AWS. They are looking at VMware AWS Cloud to shutter a legacy datacenter and move it wholesale into an AWS region in the West and then likely migrate it the eastern region to move it closer to dependent applications reducing overall latency.

To get those new cloud capabilities you need to be current. You can buy this with VMware Cloud Foundation because the lifecycle upgrades are managed for you. Yanbing Li takes the stage to talk about vSAN 6.6 which has just been recently released. Hyper-converged infrastructure "HCI" really breaks down the silo's within the datacenter. Three hundred of VMware's Cloud Service Partners are leveraging vSAN in their datacenters today. VMware is seeing customers using vSAN to save costs to fund their SDDC initiatives. vSAN has hit an important milestone with 10,000 customers.

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