Tuesday, August 29, 2017

General Session Day Two with Pat Gelsinger, Micheal Dell and Ray O'Farrell

Pat welcomes the audience and calls Michael Dell, CEO of Dell Technologies onto stage. It is a bit of a fireside chat with a number of questions from the audience. 

The first question was a concern on VMware support to which Pat mentions VMware Skyline which provides proactive and predictive support to their customers.

The next question is VMware & Dells plan around IoT and Big Data. Michael mentions that Digital transformation is a CEO level discussion and concern. If you are not looking at how you use data to enhance your business you are doing it the wrong way. Dell and VMware have been reimagining their products to take advantage of IoT and Big Data while addressing both their larger and SMB markets and supporting their partners. The focus is on making the VMware ecosystem even more open moving forward through products like VMware Pulse IoT Center.

The final question is around the synergies between VMware, Dell and EMC. Michael mentions that the more they do together the better things get. For every product release the integration gets deeper, however it is being done in a way that supports the ecosystem of partners. Michael mentions the innovation being done by customers in leveraging containers to drive their business.

Rob Mee, the CEO of Pivotal is introduced and he mentions that they have been partnering to build Kubo which is open-source. Rob then announces, Pivotal Container Service "PKS" which includes kubernetes, Pivotal and NSX as s single product. 

Sam Ramji the VP of Google Cloud Platform is introduced to speak containers. Google has  been running at the containers at scale for sometime. Google sees container adoption skyrocketing. Sam believes "PKS" is important as it enables a hybrid infrastructure for running containers. It enables customers to put containers where they need them with support from Google and VMware.

Ray O'Farrell the CTO of VMware is introduced. VMware has a few guiding principals, like having the most modern infrastructure possible. VMware also wants to be pragmatic in how we develop product so we want to maintain the operational aspects of those products. As customers have asked for new models, VMware now has SaaS products.

Ray begins with a fictitious company "Elastic Sky Pizza"Z. They need to undergo a digital transformation.  The company integrates cloud foundation with AppDefender, vRealize Suite and VMware Cloud on AWS. When we think about our options, Public Cloud is great for getting things done quickly. VMware infrastructure can provide consistent experience by having a consistent environment.

The last piece of the puzzle is to layer VMware AppDefense for security. A demo is shown of the dashboard which shows a sample application with the known good behaviours. Once we have identified all the good behaviours and turn on the rules we know the application is protected.

vRealize is shown with the integrated AWS cloud connection. The demo shows deploying a SDDC in AWS which is easy with the vRealize Operations console. The four "4" node cluster will take approx. two "2" hours to deploy. In addition you can set thresholds for adding additional hosts depending on utilization. 

vRealize Network Insight is shown which color codes the complexity of the application depending on the total traffic flows. Green indicates an application with mostly contained network flows. The application is selected for migration and vMotioned into the AWS Cluster.

The demo moves to the "PKS" dashboard. The demo goes through the wizard interface for creating the kubernetes cluster. The credentials are then shared with the developers. The developer is then able to use native commands to interact with the environment. The last bit of the demo shows the NSX security wrapped around the container networks.

The VMware Cloud Services are promo'd

  1. VM Automation - provides cloud agnostic blueprint for deployment in any hyper-scale cloud provider. 
  2. VMware NSX Cloud - AWS instances are shown through the interface which provides a consistent view of all the networking
  3. Wavefront - Wavefront measures the KPIs for the application and infrastructure, thinks VMware Log Insight in the cloud. 
  4. Workspace ONE Mobile Flows - Mobile Flows allows you to automate business processes by using automated workflows

VMware Pulse IoT Center is the last topic that the team is covering. Pulse IoT Center can manage from your gateway to your things. It will manage from the gateway devices out to the sensors and machines. The technology is based on components from vROPs and AirWatch.

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