Friday, May 8, 2015

OnX Believe Event; New Brunswick

Many thanks to the event organizer, Sheri Renaud our Marketing Manager for putting together a great day for our customers on the East Coast. From our comedian and host Darrin Rose, sponsors, guest speakers, the attendees and the OnX East Coast team we had a fantastic time. Darren  demonstrated that technical conferences can be both entertaining and amusing (who knew?)
Darren had us laughing for the day but it is no wonder as he is a five-time performer at the Just For Laughs festival in Montreal and  won a Canadian Comedy Award for Best Live Performance during his appearance on Just for Laughs 2014.
In addition to some great keynotes from Chris Sator the CTO of Hybrid Cloud Solutions, Chris Jackson the Vice President of Client Development and Momentum Digital Solutions and Stephen Harris, the Director of Technology Solutions and Professional Services, for Atlantic Canada, our partners and sponsors provided some great information to the attendees.
I had great input from the audience during my speaking session on The Evolution of End User Management.
We had a great discussion on how the End User Computing space is evolving; we explored how desktop services have become so complex and now incorporate such a myriad of devices, solutions and choices. We had a chance to delve into these topics in-depth during the breakout session and talk about solutions.

Of course anyone who has been to the east coast of Canada knows that the people are both warm and friendly making our trip and event a fabulous experience for all. Many thanks to New Brunswick for a first-class event!