Thursday, July 3, 2014

Published “VMware Horizon Suite: Building End User Services”

I am happy to announce that VMware Horizon Suite: Building End User Services has been published and is now generally available.  When I finished VMware View 5: Building a Successful View Desktop I knew it would not be my last publication.  My friend and technical editor on the first book, Stephane Asselin suggested a much broader topic covering the entire suite and incorporating the major changes in View 6.  Along with the suggestion came an offer of assistance in developing this book.  This turned out to be a fantastic idea and the collaboration worked well between us.  We are extremely happy and proud of the end product. 

In addition to Stephane, we were able to work together with our original good cop/bad cop publishing team; Joan  Murray, Ellie Brue from VMware Press (I won’t tell you who the good cop or the bad cop was).  They are, and continue to be very supportive of our thoughts and ideas.

Our technical editors were Justin Venezia and Mike Barnett; two veritable experts themselves with extensive experience in the end user space.  We were lucky to work with them and hope to work with them again on the next project.

I want to thank the continued support we get through our blogs: (Stephane’s) and as well as the comments and reviews on the books.  If you are going to VMworld, please feel free to drop by the bookstore to meet or  attend our presentation at the show “Session ID: 1289 Title: What’s New in End User Computing: Full Desktop Automation and Self-Service”.  We look forward to seeing you there.