Friday, September 5, 2014 @ VMworld 2014

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Well it has been a busy couple of weeks at the show but it was a great event.  Stephane Asselin (@virtualstef) and I had a great time at our presentation during VMworld 2014. We had over 370 people attend in person; a special thanks to those who attended virtually. With well over 500 registered we had lots of great questions after. For those who missed it, the recording of our session “EUC1289 - What’s New in End User Computing: Full Desktop Automation and Self-Service” has been released on the VMworld website (


Not only was our session well attended but we also had lots of support for our most recent publication “VMware Horizon Suite: bookBuilding End User Services”. 

We appreciate all the great feedback and many thanks to those of you who came out on the last day for the book signing. We had a great time working with Eric Sloof (@esloof) and the crew of VMworld TV for the “VMware Press Trivia Challenge Book Give Away Event”

If you missed our discussion and interview regarding the book then you can catch it here on VMworld TV. 

I managed to get out quite a few posts for those of you following the blog but have more coming.  There was just so much information and so little time so stay tuned for additional information from the show.