Tuesday, August 29, 2017

AWS Native Services Integration with VMware Cloud on AWS with PaulBockelman @boxpaul & Haider Witwit

VMware Cloud on AWS has a tremendous amount of capabilities. This session will focus on some of the ninety "90" services available through VMware Cloud on AWS. We will start with a recap on VMware Cloud on AWS and then look at a sample use-case. The three core services within VMware Cloud on AWS are vSphere on bare metal, NSX and vSAN. This allows you to extend your enterprise the data enter. It integrates through link mode in vCenter as a separate site. In addition you have access to AWS integrations like CloudFormation templates.

For every customer, they get there own account with single-tenant dedicated hardware. The deployment is automated and stood up for you and takes approximately two "2" hours. The minimum configuration is a four "4" node cluster. It is connected to an AWS VPC through a NSX compute gateway. VMware recommends that you configure CloudWatch for monitoring your endpoints. The services on the left "VMware cluster" can connect directly to services on the right "AWS VPC".

This allows you to create integrated architectures in which some components live in the VMware SDDC along with native AWS services like AWS Storage Gateways, EC2 instances, AWS Certificate Manager and CloudWatch. In addition you can blend both server-less architectures like Lamba and the VMware SDDC. 

A sample architecture with documentation and its integration points can be found at the following links:


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