Monday, August 28, 2017

VMworld 2017: Delivering New User Experiences with Digital Workspaces with Sumit Dhawan

Sumit Dhawan @sumit_dhawan, the SVP of EUC mentions that VMware worked hard with partners like Apple, Google and Amazon to deliver a massive amount of innovation this year. If you think about cost, it can only be controlled by standardizing. While we may have control over PCs, Mobile and Cloud, we lack control holistically. If we look at the technologies that are coming to the 'Cloud-to-Edge' like the Internet-of-Things "IoT" this is only going to compound.

If you look at modern OSes like Apple, Android and Windows 10 they all offer APIs for management. Securely communicating using these APIs to the device allows you to provide context. If you pair this with identity then you begin to understand the application profile of the user. Workspace ONE brings identity and context together in a unique way.

From a management perspective, IT also wants to ensure compliance of all these devices. Within Workspace ONE VMware has created a digital contract between the IT team and the users. Workspace provides one place for the management of all devices. Workspace ONE can be extended for various use cases which will now be demo'd.

Shawn Bass "@shawnbass", the CTO of VMware's EUC platform is introduced onto the stage. Shawn keys the demo which will demonstrate Windows 10 management via AirWatch. Jason Rosak "@Jasonrosak" the director of product management explains the demo.

Jason mentions how time intensive the traditional approach of imaging then deploying a desktop is compared to mobile device setup. The demo shows an intuitive setup process with Windows 10 being managed by AirWatch and deploying applications via policy. 

While this deals with the day one setup issues, it does not deal with application delivery. Shawn announces a new integration for delivering large application package without having to deploy branch office deployment services. Users are able to self-serve their applications and threw  network bandwidth harvesting technology running in the background localized deployment points are not required. In addition,the demo shows the patch enforcement ability through workspace ONE. 

Dan Quintas the product manager for Mac integration is introduced. VMware has simplified the deployment of macOS Sierra. The demo shows a bunch of new bootstrap tools to deploy  applications on a MacBook. Workspace ONE has native support for Mac. The demo shows Visio working on the Mac leveraging Horizon using the advanced windowing capabilities. This delivers a seamless experience to the MacBook.

VMware is the first to provide comprehensive Chrome management support. This includes the ability to provide a managed Google Play environment on the Chrome book with the applications curated by the admin team.

Dell is brought onstage to announce Dell EMC VDI Complete which are fully packaged solutions for as low as $7 USD/user/month (Previously announced at Dell EMC World). In addition Horizon Cloud can now deliver support on Azure. A demo is shown in which the Horizon Cloud is used to add an Azure Region. Once done, the Horizon Cloud pairs with the Azure Region. The next step is to upload your image and configure your farm. You can then entitle applications from within Horizon Cloud to your Azure Horizon environment. You can pair your Azure subscription cost with a 8$ USD/user/month for the Horizon Cloud option.

Workspace ONE intelligence is announced which allows you to leverage analytics to apply patch and remediation policies to avoid things like the wannacry exploits. 

A technology preview is announced of Mobile Flows which allows workflows to be integrated into the email requests. A demo is shown with Mobile Flows integrated into the VMware boxer email client. Mobile flows will extend across a wide range of applications and cloud platforms.


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