Monday, September 7, 2015

#vmworld VMworld 2015 Wrap Up

What an amazing week; so much great content and so much fun meeting and connecting with everyone. Over the last few years I have had a chance to release our Horizon book with my good friend Stephane (@VirtualStef) and present at the show. This year I was able to blog the show which gave me a completely different perspective. VMware did a great job allowing us to ask questions of all the executives including Pat Gelsinger, Carl Eschenbach and Sanjay Poonen.

It was also great to introduce our upcoming project with Pearson LiveLessons that will focus on VMware’s SDDC at the show (stay tuned for additional details as we near the release date).

Support from the community and the attendees was fantastic for the site Your interest and support had us trending around 4-5,000 hits a day. Please keep the comments coming so we can continue to tailor our content to the things you are interested in.

Interestingly, although VMware was clearly proud of the improvements in the marquee products like vSphere and Horizon, the messaging was squarely on Cloud and mobility. Keynotes focused almost exclusively on the products sitting squarely in the Cloud (SDDC and Cross Cloud VMotion) and Mobility space (AirWatch).

I had to attend the breakouts to find out about proactive HA in which vRealize Operations is being used to predict capacity and rebalance workloads across a federated vSphere and vCloud Air environment. In addition creating zero trust environments using NSX and Horizon were equally as relevant in today's hyper cyber security sensitive environments but were absent from the keynotes.

While I understand why VMware is pushing the Cloud focus, I think a little thunder around what’s been accomplished in the latest 6.X versions would have galvanized the IT and vSphere administrator audience a little better.

In the open discussions we had with Pat and Carl, it was clear that ensuring the focus is right is a bit of a fine balancing act. Given how we are all evaluating how Cloud fits in to our strategies moving forward, its nice to hear frank opinions that this balance is not easy even for VMware. It was great meeting the other vExperts (@vExperts)and many thanks to the folks that took time to say hello and comment on the posts, looking forward to seeing you all again next year.

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