Tuesday, September 1, 2015

#vmworld Keynote with Pat

Pat takes the stage and mentions that it is his 6th VMware and 4th as CTO. In 2019 1/2 the population in the world will be online. The connectivity described is not expected to be uniformly distributed across the world. Pat explains the ubiquity of IT, how it is used to provide connectivity from the perspective of the stratosphere to medical procedures within the human body. This is having huge economic impacts; internet growth is impacting global GDP growth.

Pat introduces 5 major concepts:

  • Asymmetry in Business or an imbalance in power between the incumbents and upstarts. Upstarts have nothing to lose and can embrace new models. What has changed is that mobile-cloud technology has provided an unlimited set of resources to these new startups allowing them to reach global markets. This is changing industries.

Pat sites the thinking around 3D printing that may allow North America to repatriate manufacturing as it is more about science and technology while reducing costs. Pat then sites the current utilization of your typical automobile being around 4%. With the shift to shared autonomous cars this utilization is expected to increase to 75%. The bottom line is that you need to innovate like a startup and deliver like an enterprise

  • Professional era of Cloud is one that is enabled by the Unified Hybrid Cloud. This is enabled by Hybrid Applications that are aware that they will span Private and Public Domains. Pat describes a post Snowden era which has changed the thinking around Cloud. It has made a home grown Cloud a necessity. The idea that “I will use Cloud but is will reside within my borders or boundaries” as a key requirement.

The bottom line in the Professional ERA of Cloud is that the Unified Hybrid Cloud is the Future.

  • Security or the ability of security to protect people. The security industry has been messy. Never before have we had this much innovation in security. Security spend is growing quickly while IT budgets are declining. The virtualization provides the Rosetta Stone for security because it fits in the middle of everything (Apps, Data and Users). It allows us to deliver trusted services on untrusted devices.

Security is enabled through a Virtualization Security Architecture that allows you to integrate it vs. bolting it on.

  • Automate Everything With the emergence of AI we will move from being reactive to proactive with technology. This proactive technology era will be enabled by big data, analytics and real-time application development at scale. it will enable us to automate everything.

Imperative five is taking risks

  • Taking risk becomes the lowest risk nolonger is being an incumbent a guarantee to success. In this new world taking risk will become the least risky option.

Pat closes with a promise to the audience that in this time of fundamental change VMware will be there to help you weather and navigate this new world.

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