Thursday, September 3, 2015

#vmworld VMworld 2015: Greg Gage (@phineasgreg) Founder of Backyard Brains

Greg explains that it takes so much education to understand neuroscience even though many people will suffer neuro diseases which have no cures. Inside the Brain we have 80 million neurons that use electrical currents. Greg demonstrates his invention “the Spiker Box” using cockroaches. Greg anesthetizes a cockroach and removes a limb (don’t worry cockroaches can grow back limbs). The reason Greg uses cockroaches is that the neurons in cockroaches are similar to those in humans. Greg attaches the limb to their invention the “Spiker Box” a.k.a. the cockroach beat box. Greg is able to see the neurons through the Spiker Box.  

Greg then takes electrodes and hooks them to a volunteer and demonstrates how then can listen to neurons firing inside the body. The audience is also able to see the neurons react when the volunteer flexes his arm. Greg then takes two volunteers and demonstrates how when connected through the Spiker Box that one volunteer can control the hand movements of the other.

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