Wednesday, September 2, 2015

#vmworld Atlantis says HyperScale This! (#hyperscalethis!)

Atlantis (@AtlantisSDS) has been pushing the innovation aggressively with the introduction of Atlantis USX just a few short years ago. They have double-down’d on this strategy with Atlantis HyperScale which you can tell the team is happy about.


The engineering group continues to move quickly and has announced several key new features at the show. With the introduction of Atlantis USXTM 3.0, the solution now supports:

  • Replication (volume to volume)
  • data store level snapshots
  • Full support for VMware vVOL’s for any storage device

A great feature for customers is “Atlantis Insight” which is a combination of call home, auto update and service history built right into the software. Thanks Mark Nijmeijer (@MarkNijmeijerCA) for the great overview at the booth and congratulations to Chetan (@chetan_), Ruben (@rspruijt) and the team for a great release!.

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