Wednesday, September 2, 2015

#VMworld Lakeside Software’s SysTrack Cloud Edition announced at show

I sat down for an interview with Tal Klein (@virtualtal) for a discussion about Lakeside’s (@lakesidesoft) SysTrack Cloud Edition. The big news is SysTrack Cloud Edition which is built on vCloud Air. This solution brings all the power of Systrack to customers in a Software as a Service model.

Tal mentions that they have also been working very hard to allow customers access to all the analytics that SysTrack collects. “You know user experience is like the canary in the coalmine” says Tal. “A small problem with user experience can be an early indicator of general service problems on a broader scale”.

Lakeside has developed a method to anonymize customer data to remove any security sensitive information. In doing so Lakeside has enabled customers to run comparison analytics against their industry peers to understand how well they are managing their environment.

This is a unique capability that allows customers to understand whether they are providing a good user experience in a meaningful way. SysTrack has always been able to tell you how you are doing within your organization, but the external comparison allows them to understand how they are doing on a much broader scale. Lakeside calls this feature the Systrack Community. This feature will eventually lead to more awareness of how customers are fairing with issues like risk and compliance. Systrack Community is fully integrated with Systrack 7.2 and is shipping now.

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