Monday, August 31, 2015

#vmworld #HBC5474 VMware vCloud Air Roadmap

vCloud Air is now 2 years old; VMware now has 11 datacenters located around the globe (including Europe UK, Germany, Australia South and through partnership, Western Japan). Additional services have been integrated such as Horizon Air (launched a year and a half ago).  There are two models; Dedicated Private Cloud and Virtual Private Cloud.

vCloud is bringing Autoscaling to vCloud Air (dynamically adding VMs or capacity to an individual VMs). It is currently in tech preview and is exposed through a rest API which allows customers to easily take advantage of the technology.

VMware offers data at rest encryption through a partnership with Hytrust within vCloud Air. New to the vCloud storage portfolio is Object Storage in addition to standard, SSD-accelerated, and guaranteed performance storage based on pure flash storage. The Object store supports files, backup and structured and unstructured data.

With object storage you need petabyte scale; vCloud Object Store will be delivered through partnership with Google Cloud Platform and EMC. The high performance storage actually exposes something VMware has been leveraging for a while for its DaaS solution so that customers can purchase high performance/flash storage.

vCloud Air Disaster Recovery adds easy failback and a multi-VM recovery plan option (being able to rollback to previous snapshot). vCloud Air will bring vCloud Air Site Recovery Plan which has been designed by the SRM team to provide full Cloud multi-site support (replication Cloud site to Cloud site) delivered as a SaaS service. In addition it will be released with an OnDemand cost model which provides a much more efficient price point for customers.

Networking has been beefed up by integrating NSX to deliver advanced Networking Services. This provides a mechanism to expose more NSX features to vCloud Air customers. vCloud Connector has been industrialized to provide much more robust ability to extend your Layer 2 network segments to a single Edge over one WAN connection. For migrations to Cloud, you can now prestage the VM to the Cloud before the final migration allowing a cutover to happen in seconds vs. being determined by the size and copy speed of the VM.

vCloud Air Monitoring Insight will expose performance to both a rich dashboard and API so you can plumb it to any monitoring and managing workloads. vRealize Operations will be extended to report on the advanced network and migration metrics to provide visibility on the migration and networking information between the enterprise and VMware’s cloud. In addition a vCloud Air Adapter will be available for visibility from vR Ops and Air.

vCloud Air SQL is a pay-as-you-go Database-as-a-Service for Microsoft SQL Server initially. All announcements including 600 dollars of free credits for all VMworld attendees can be found on

VMware has natively integrated Kinvey software which manages reusable mobile application development building blocks to allow you to quickly develop mobile applications on vCloud Air.

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