Monday, August 31, 2015

#vmworld #EUC5430 Why Everybody Needs VMware User Environment Manager UEM

UEM works with the wider ecosystem of EUC software partners as it ties to the application. UEM is user profile and user personalization driven by contextual policies. This means that if I launch an application, any settings that you configure will travel with the application. UEM allows you to break out User environment, app configuration and personalization metadata so that whenever you launch an application the configuration can be applied dynamically and consistently. This allows you to set the environment as the user logs in. For example changing the printers as the user logs in from different floors.

As with ThinApp there is no large backend infrastructure requirement only a file share, application profiler and the service itself. To create your configuration you launch the Application Profiler and configure the application. This creates a profile which is stored in an *.ini file containing the settings. The product scales from 100s  to 1000s of users.

Contrast this with the current approach in which all these settings are stored in one single profile. UEM compartmentalizes everything so that you only load a stripped out or base profile when you login. From there UEM injects very specific information (keyboard, mouse etc). As you launch applications additional settings are injected on an application by application bases. This leads to greater flexibility, efficiency and consisted settings across devices as you launch the application.

To conceptualize this, imagine simple adjustments such as resizing an application window between logins persisting no matter what device you log into. This is one example of the flexibility; in addition you can lock out different application settings so that users cannot change them and have them persist between application launches.

The session introduces project VERA which allows you to to apply policies to secure documents in real-time. In addition, access to documents is logged and users can apply and revoke their own policies. This is a collaboration between App Volumes, UEM and 3rd party vendors.

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