Monday, August 31, 2015

#vmworld #EUC6807-S Future of End User Computing

This session will focus on the state of End User Computing from VMware’s perspective. VMware Workspace Suite brings together innovation in desktop, mobile and identity management space. VMware did a polling of their customers to understand what the focus is in the End User space. According to polling, customers are trying to shift from individual mobility, to team mobility and true business mobility. Most are still looking at individual mobility however 2/3rds are aggressively investing to achieve business mobility.

VMware talks about this as Desktop Virtualization Redefined. Historically this focus has been on desktop and application delivery. VMware believes in a hybrid End User Computing model. So within the portfolio Horizon 6 fits on-premise, Horizon Air off premise and Horizon Flex delivers distributed desktop virtualization but expect these to interoperate at some point in the near future.

VMware has seen tremendous adoption of DaaS which is available on every continent. The discussion moves to Project ENZO. The inspiration for ENZO was to fundamentally change the way that desktops and applications are delivered. The heart of ENZO is just in time desktops and apps (based on Fast Clone technology).

A video is shown which shows the ENZO appliance interface (ENZO is bundled software and hardware). When you login you have a getting started tab which steps you through what you need to do. You have the option of deploying applications or desktops (based on a pre-created catalog). Once you configure the appliance ENZO deploys the desktops and applications.

The presentation switches to a discussion on AirWatch. VMware has really seen the mobility and EUC discussion merge. It is not just the Operating System that is changing but also the Applications. Windows 10 is cited as an example of an OS that is designed to connect to both an On-Premise and Cloud domain.

A demo is shown of AirWatch delivering and applying policy to Windows 10 desktops. In addition with Windows 10 you can monitor all the primitives to ensure the user has not turned off a feature that violates compliance. If the user has violated the policy, applications can be removed in real-time from the OS.

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