Monday, August 31, 2015

#vmworld #gs-mon Bill Fathers and Raghu Raghuram Cross-Cloud VMotion

Bill Fathers reminds the audience that VMware was all about hybrid cloud during VMworld 2014; but what exactly is it? Put practically, it is the combination of Private and Public Cloud to solve complex IT and business problems. Bill explains this using three examples DR, Application Scaling and Mobile Applications. Bill mentions quickly that SRM will be coming to vCloud Air before switching to an Application Scaling discussion. For application scaling to work seamlessly you need to look at your onsite and off-premise compute pools as one set of resources.

Bill runs through the challenge of mobile applications and securing and managing them across a hybrid platform. Bill introduces a new term, "Hybrid Applications" which are applications that span this hybrid platform. VMware believes they are ahead of the curve on considering this challenge. Bill introduces Reghu Raghuram and team who introduces the base components of the SDDC;vSphere, NSX, Virtual SAN and vRealize Suite.

They extend the discussion to EVO SDDC which was mentioned by Carl. EVO SDDC is a management solution that allows you to scale out the SDDC solution. This dramatically simplifies the deployment of the SDDC down to 2 hours vs. weeks of highly specialized resources. In addition it introduces lifecycle automation by allowing you to patch the software when updates occur.

A demo is keyed up showing the vSphere content library which allows you to sync templates between both the enterprise and vCloud Air. Once you complete an update within the content library in vSphere you switch to the vCloud Air portal and sync the template to the Cloud.

The last piece of the focus is on the networking; VMware introduces Hybrid Network Services which are based on NSX capabilities. This includes technologies such as VXLAN, Direct Connect, WAN Acceleration, Strong Encryption and Intelligent Routing make up VMware Hybrid Network Services.

The next demo shows a workload being VMotion'd from On-Premise vSphere to vCloud Air. You can do this from within the vCenter interface as vCloud Air has been added as a native target for VMotion. To reverse this process it is done again from within the vCenter interface through a wizard allowing you to migrate back. The Cross-Cloud vMotion capability is in tech preview at this moment. The secret sauce that enables this is VMware's Hybrid Network Services.

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