Monday, August 31, 2015

#vmworld #gs-mon VMworld Keynote 2015 Day 1

This years tagline is "Ready for Any"

Session begins with a video on looking after applications at the "Cloud Academy". Really a testimonial on the benefits of VMware's Hybrid approach over others. Carl Eschenbach (@carl_eschenbach) is introduced.

This year there are more than 23,000 attendees; a record for the event. In addition over 50,000 people are watching the event online. There are 6,000 VMUG members and 7,000 customers.

Carl explains the "Ready for Any" theme. In speaking to customers VMware recognizes the challenges for customers; go faster, drive productivity and become more agile and responsive. In addition customers need to curb costs and drive top line revenue growth. What if we could collectively deal with these challenges?

VMware wants to enable you to run a hybrid cloud platform, build and embrace traditional applications and containers, deliver any application from any device and last but not least, provide enhanced security. To do so we need to be able to accelerate security from the datacenter to the device.

Carl wants you to think of VMware as a platform; this platform has a south bound interface to run on any device and a north bound interface for integrating with any OS. VMware brings freedom, flexibility and choice within this platform.

VMware believes in One Cloud. This means that through VMware software you have seamless integration between enterprise, public or managed cloud. This is the idea of a Unified Cloud. Operations can now run as if they are managing one environment with the same toolset. For users the distinction between on and off premises is eliminated. A unified Cloud provides a common security layer such as NSX which spans enterprise cloud and federated models. In addition VMware strives to support any application which includes Cloud Native applications. The last piece of a unified vision is security to the device all the way through to the application.

Carl introduces the concept of the "Architecture for IT" which is unified hybrid cloud. This architecture can be built either "do-it-yourself", using converged or hyper converged infrastructure and managed by EVO SDDC.

Carl runs through the example of DirectTV leveraging VMware software to double capacity to meet demand and the introduces Ben Fathers and team.

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