Tuesday, September 1, 2015

#vmworld VMworld 2015 Keynote Day 2 @spoonen

Sanjay Poonen takes the stage and shows The Economist “Planet of the Phones” cover. The message is 80% of the world will have advanced computing power in their pockets. “It will be the remote control for your lives”. At the core of this movement two things need to come together; consumer simplicity and enterprise security. VMware believes they are well suited to deliver this to the market.

The challenge of “Any Application to Any Device” is delivered through VMware Workspace Suite. VMware announced the Workspace suite last year. Sanjay mentioned that VMware was the first to introduce the term Workspace several years ago. This year they introduced Identity Manager. But how do all these products connect?

The source of the connection is the hypervisor with virtual storage and networking. Along with management, these roll up into the SDDC. But this has to integrate into the End User Computing Platform. VMware’s solution ties strongly together with virtual Desktop, Mobile and Content Collaboration.

In each of these areas VMware is leading innovation. Today VMware is the leapfrog leader in this space. Mobile is the new desktop and it is a category that will grow exponentially. As VMware considers Identity Management they see the need for simplicity without the complexity seen from other vendors. Identity Management is built on the Horizon Workspace framework.

Jim Alkove from Microsoft is introduced and Jim explains that Windows 10 is geared for enterprise mobility management. Microsoft sees tremendous opportunity to make Windows 10 the simplest OS to manage without compromising security.

Sanjay keys up the demo in which AirWatch seamlessly manages Windows 10. Compliance can be done in real-time using the AirWatch policy engine. In the demo AirWatch is used to orchestrate AppVolumes to deliver applications (The project :Project A2(squared) is in Tech Preview). The demo now shows AirWatch auto-configuring a host of mobile applications. The demo now focuses on the integration of Horizon View (VDI) into AirWatch. Now the demo switches to the integration of AirWatch and NSX. In this case they are tying the AirWatch VPN and AirWatch and NSX policy engines together.

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