Monday, January 11, 2016

“vRealize Automation LiveLessons: A Cloud Management and Automation Primer" Project Announcement

After two successful book launches with Pearson View on VMware Horizon, Pearson’s IT Certification Company, LiveLesson’s is working on a new project with Paul O’Doherty, from our team.

 LiveLesson’s has asked Paul O’Doherty to develop a video training series based on VMware vRealize Automation 7 which will also help those looking to certify as a VMware Certified Professional specializing in Cloud Management and Automation.

When asked about why get into video training, Paul mentioned “After the success of our 2nd book release, we decided to look at video training.” “More and more training is done visually; video provides an exciting opportunity to package information in a very unique way.”

Paul is excited and knee deep in production. The prerelease title is “vRealize Automation LiveLessons: A Cloud Management and Automation Primer". The series will also help in preparing students for the “VMware Certified Professional 6 - Cloud Management and Automation Exam”. Paul is working with his long suffering friend and editor, Ellie Bru. Ellie has worked on all of Paul’s past book publications. In addition Paul is working with Denise Lincoln, who has been an invaluable source of information on the video production process.

As the release date get’s closer, details will be provided to ensure you know how to access the series. We continue to appreciate your feedback and support on all our initiatives, please keep them coming.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Safely Transitioning Users to the digital age

The IT industry is going through a huge change. Key trends driving this change are cloud, mobility, social networks and big data and analytics. The Economist recently reported that by the year 2020 80% of adults will have a mobile device equivalent to today’s supercomputers.

image This drive towards mobility is creating an explosion of devices within our environments. In addition these new mobile platforms are forcing development of Cloud first, “as-a-Service” applications. These applications are designed for volume and velocity and are fundamentally different from our legacy enterprise applications.

These new Cloud first applications are providing analytics by default driving big data usage. As the ability to measure user interaction within mobile devices grows, an increase in the volume and number of data points provides more information and greater intelligence.

This drive towards mobile and increased digitization is creating both friction and pressure for our traditional IT organizations as they struggle to manage risk and compliance while enabling freedom and choice for users. The risk to not responding to these demands is not an option as our Lines of Businesses actively look to Cloud options to deliver lower costs and greater mobility with our without our blessing.

From an IT perspective, this leaves us caught between two worlds with limited flexibility and fairly static budgets. From an End User perspective, we have large high touch enterprise desktop environments that create tremendous operational demands on our time and resources, leaving little left over for proactively planning for Cloud and Mobility.

In developing a strategy to break this cycle it is important to drive new operational efficiencies into the management of desktops by redefining our desktops as software. This can be accomplished today by introducing virtualization at the desktop, application and user metadata layers. This allows us to drive to a more non-persistent, cached desktop. A cached based desktop can provide a similar user experience as a traditional physical desktop at much less operational cost and overhead.

Making an investment in a end user virtualization software stack should include tools to both virtualize a desktop environment and deliver enterprise mobility and policy management. Only in this way can we drive down operational overhead, plan for mobility and future proof our desktop and mobility strategies. 

Thursday, September 10, 2015

#VMware #vForum Shawn Rosemarin and Greg Davidson Welcome Address & VMworld 2015 in 10 minutes

Greg, welcomes the audience and encourages everyone to pick a technology that you are not familiar with. In addition make some contacts and enjoy the show and encourages attendees to take advantage of the hands-on labs. Greg introduces Shawn who is about to do VMworld in 15 minutes.

Shawn mentions that it is all about the application; at the bottom of the stack is the infrastructure. This infrastructure is  extended to One Cloud (Public,Private or Managed). This One Cloud model is used to enable applications to be delivered to any device.

Software-Defined Data Center and Hyper Converged. Virtual San has been ungraded to 6.1. EVO Rack has been rebranded EVO SDDC. Currently available from Dell, Quantum and VCE.

VMware introduced the Unified Hybrid Cloud Platform which connects an Enterprise SDDC with VMware vCloud Air. In addition vCloud Air, SQL, Object Store and DR where all announced last week. Project “Skyscraper” is cross cloud VMotion and content sync.

In addition VMware announced vRealize Operations 6.1 with Intelligent Workload Balancing (managing and moving workloads to where they should live). Hyperic has been collapsed into vR OPs so that OS monitoring is done from a single appliance. Also look for Log Insight to continue to move closer together.

Site Recovery Manager 6.1 was announced with closer ties to NSX so that the network fails over with the workload. In addition SRM Air was announced so that vCloud Air is a target for SRM deployments onPremise.

In addition VMware Photon Platform was announced. For additional details go here. This is VMware’s Platform for container support.

Shawn reiterates the industries evaluation that VMware is leading the industry in End User Computing “EUC”.


NSX 6.2 was also announced at VMworld and Shawn mentions that they have many customers in production with this technology and encourages attendees to go to the NSX guided lab session.