Wednesday, September 2, 2015

#vmworld #EUC5762 End-to-End Security with AirWatch NSX and Intelligent Networking

Mobile Device Management “MDM” is the ability to secure any endpoint and understand what is connected to your network. A baseline capability of MDM is ensuring a device is not compromised and corporate data is secure. AirWatch has an automated compliance engine that provides periodic checks to make sure no corporate policies have been violated. For example if Android has a vulnerability, you can ensure that the device is patched before allowing access and dynamically remove access if it is not.

AirWatch provides an AirWatch tunnel that enables access to enterprise applications in a very secure and specific manner. Unlike traditional VPNs that provide general access, the AirWatch tunnel is an App specific VPN tunnel. Because AirWatch is securing the entry point it is easy for the policy engine to revoke or grant access to corporate data.

With the integration of NSX you have the ability to provide micro-segmentation inside the datacenter. Micro-segmentation allows you to containerize and secure through policy, any object within your virtual environment. When you add NSX to the virtual environment and combine AirWatch’s policy based security engine with NSX’s micro-segmentation ability you create a zero trust environment.

The demonstration video of AirWatch and NSX integration can be found at the following URL

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