Tuesday, September 1, 2015

#vmworld VMworld 2015 General Keynote NSX 6.2 @martin_casado

Martin introduces several challenges in delivering applications, especially mobile applications. Applications have evolved into a network, while infrastructure has evolved into a software platform. Martin begins to explain network virtualization and NSX. NSX 6.2 was announced yesterday and brings with it a broad range of new services. VMware NSX 6.2 adds better integration with physical infrastructure. The use cases for NSX driving adoption are Security, Automation and Application Continuity (Application High Availability).

A demo is introduced which showcases a development cloud. An overview is provided of a Three Tier Application which is provisioned and reports a problem.  The demo cuts over to the vRealize Operations Manager console. The console shows the integration of NSX and the new release of vRealize Operations. Because of the integration of NSX and the physical networking devices, the status of the CISCO switching is available in the dashboard as well and quickly resolved (Note: not sure if this is leveraging the now integrated native Hyperic proxy monitoring of network devices or native NSX 6.2 features).

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