Wednesday, October 24, 2012

EMC Forum: Toronto

At the EMC Forum in Toronto the list of Platinum sponsors is CISCO, VMware and Brocade. The Gold list is: Intel, Onx and VCE

EMC is a onetime data storage company that now sells disruption

The message is about transforming EMC's ability to transform IT and the way it companies do business.

Country Manager for EMC Canada Mike Sharon is introduced. Mike thanks the audience for their business and support and taking time to learn EMC's solutions.

The program this year includes 20 sessions including one delivered by your truly on how to transform IT to IT as a Service (ITaaS). Mike talks about the evolution of the discussion from IT focus to how to bring a competative focus on business.

Dennis Hoffman is introduced as the keynote Sr. Vice President of the EMC partner program.

Dennis prefaces the messages that will be delivered throughout the day which is about transformation. Dennis talks about the waves of change impacting IT companies, Careers and whole businesses.

Dennis believes that we are at the start of a new wave that incorporates Cloud, Big Data

Dennis says that the message is clear you should be doing both private and public cloud. Surveys show us that people are already doing both. You cannot have a hybrid cloud without trust. As EMC is not going to become a service provider this is about trusted partners.

We need to simply Cloud through a set of products, proven infrastructure and converged infrastructure. The transformation begins with the simplification of the infrastructure.

Cloud is really a workload centric approach; how do I deliver disparate workloads and deliver them consistently. Customers are increasingly asking several questions?

Can I do it cheaper in Cloud
Can I trust the workload in the Cloud
Does the Cloud meet all my functional requirements

Cloud transforms IT, "We are striving to take IT from a cost center to a competitive advantage"

Dennis talks about the issue of trust in the Cloud. The Old World is very static. The characteristics are static and bolt on security models.

In order to do this we have to put a tivo on our networks in order to record. This takes a massive amount of data.

Like Cloud Big Data is transforming business. In 2000 the world generates two exabytes every year, now we generate that every day.

It is being used in a variety of ways to improve business. data has to be converted to information in order to be beneficial to us.

EMC has made big investments in this area; the first is really about storage; the second piece is investments in analytics (Greenplum) and on-top of that they have invested in analytics labs. This is an area of the market that is straining to find skills. In addition they bought a company (Pivot) to write applications to take advantage of this data.

EMC has struggled to rebrand itself it from a place to store data to a partner to transformation. Much of the acquisitions have been outside the core of storage. Storage still represents a large percentage of its revenues.

VMware is a recognized leader in the development of Cloud operating systems. vCloud Director is designed with federation in mind.

EMC has 50,000 employees in 83 countries. EMC is going to build products. You expect EMC to invest and acquire solutions.

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