Wednesday, October 24, 2012

EMC Forum Toronto: Why VCE Today, Frank Hauck

The session starts with the potential of the converged infrastructure opportunity. Right now converged infrastructure is 6% of IT spend. VCE sees this growing to 60% of IT spending. Converged Infrastructure (CI) actually helps IT departments by simplifying things.

Today's IT is typically built out project by project. This makes the deployment piecemeal. The speaker relates a common problem where infrastructure gets out of sync. Essentially the upgrade and maintenance is not being maintained consistently across the infrastructure. The solution is to build it converged in the factory.

Servers, Storage, Networks with VMware software; there is a standard set of components put together in a standard way. There is still some flexibility to allow a percentage of customizations at the appropriate level. In designing Vblocks, VCE is looking to level set the skill sets required and blend the silos of expertise (Server, Storage and Network).

The Vblocks allow you to stand up infrastructure in less than two days and start delivering increased IO to the application. In addition VCE provides end-to-end support on the Vblocks.

The first products that were created by VCE were reference architectures. Customers and partners asked VCE to take these and deliver a product. This is were the Vblock came from and converged is a trend that is catching on industry wise.

VCE has built a Software API to allow you to interconnect frameworks to reduce the number of folks you have working on infrastructure. According to IDC research the VCE products provide 5 X faster deployment with 4 X less resources to deploy. In the near future VCE will ship with a remote office or branch in a box solutions designed for the SMB space.

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