Wednesday, October 24, 2012

EMC Forum Toronto: Isilon Advantage

Isilon allows you to apply N+1 or N+4 redundancy so you can tailor the availability of the storage around the business requirement.

Isilon support's NFS, SMB, HTTP, FTP and iSCSI in addition to Native Hadoop HDFS Support.

The appliance supports RBAC and enables Authentication Zones to enable multi-tenant Cloud storage.

EMC has collapsed multiple features into OneFS. Which enables

Single File System
High Performance
80% efficiency
Easy Growth
Linear Scalability

Isilon Hardware Family incorporates incorporates the S-Series (Performance), X-Series (Flexibility) and NL-Series (Capacity). You can archive off one tier to another while online using Smart Pools.

OneFS is a new approach which collapses everything under one management model. Performance is unmatched in the Isilon which delivers 1.6M IO/s to provide the worlds fastest NAS device. In addition you can now revert snapshots based on a single command line.

New capability is SyncIQ - Failover/Failback between sites with the touch of one button. SyncIQ is multi-node and multi-threaded.

Isilon comes with Secure Separation between access and the platform. You can be an administrator on the box without having access to the data. In addition the new SmartLock feature can disable the administrator from deleting files.

Isilon will support VAAI and VASA APIs in the vSphere platform. In addition they have implemented a REST API to allow integration into other EMC Platforms.

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