Sunday, September 4, 2016

#vmworld Media Scrum with @ray_ofarrell and @ybhighheels with @podoherty

You know when I attended the Day 1 keynote with the Cross Private to Public Cloud demonstration, there was one thing that I struggled with. It was the value of a Hot-migration between Private and a Non VMware based HyperScale Public Clouds (like Azure, Amazon and Google for example). While it had a wow factor; Public Clouds have very different frameworks from the VMware SDDC model. Because of this, customers tend to develop into them vs. migrate to them.

With the great access I get to the show I was able to ask my question directly to Ray O'Farrell @ray_ofarrell the CTO of VMware. Ray explained that while a migration could be of benefit to avoid vendor lock-in to a Public cloud, he did not see VMs migrating dynamically to and from different HyperScale Clouds in a DRS like fashion. The value of the VMware Cloud Services tech preview was more around the ability to deliver cross-cloud management from a security and compliance perspective, rather than as a migration tool.

Consider if you will a customer that has a Hybrid environment with multiple Public Clouds that they are using for building applications. Without a cross-cloud management framework where would they start if they were asked for a compliance audit? VMware's solution is designed to address this and with the integration of Arkin (vRealize Network Insight) and NSX components, visualize security problems and enable you to bring them into compliance.

I asked if the scenario would be different to a VMware Public Cloud Target? Yanbing Li @ybhighheels the Senior VP and GM of the Storage and Availability Business Unit at VMware responded and mentioned that when using VSAN stretched clusters this is indeed foreseeable to a VMware centric Cloud. Storage may still be used in a HyperScale Cloud but the inherent VM format translation would make the technical problem a little more challenging from an engineering perspective.

The foundation that VMware has layed out looks to be one of great value, it is going to be exciting to see how this early tech preview delevops moving forward.

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