Wednesday, February 12, 2014

General Session: Presented by Sanjay Poonen Executive VP & GM, End-User Computing

We are entering a world where mobile and Cloud will be key. Everything is interconnected and mobile. Apps are becoming more cloud centric. Data is being stored on Cloud based Object stores.

VMware's vision is based on a foundation of virtualized infrastructure and hybrid cloud computing. A layer of management and automation is required to manage these as a single entity. Once these layers are established you can build a software defined datacenter.

VMware wants to make your end user experience like Netflix in which you start watching at home, travel and continue to watch on any device in any context including machine (the Tesla Automobile is provided as an example).

The challenge with EUC is that it is made up of a bunch of point products. VMware is committed to being best in breed in all these components but to also be completely unified. VMware makes a commitment to extend VDI to add application publishing. Once complete they will add the remaining components of the software defined datacenter (SDDC) to unify VMware's EUC product offering. VMware's believes their desktop strategy is accelerating faster than the competition.

Sanjay has announced an ongoing initiative with Google and Caesar Sengupta, VP of Chrome and Google is introduced. Caesar mentions 58% of the Fortune 500 are paying Google customers consuming enterprise services. Caesar talks about the Chromebook and how the product went to 21% of the embedded operating system in tablets and laptops in an incredibly short period of time. It would appear that the initiative is based on Google Chromebooks supporting VMware Horizon View at some point.

Sanjay introduces John Marshall the CEO of AirWatch. AirWatch was able to scale to match the demand for Mobile Device Management (MDM). AirWatch has been the leader in Gartner's MDM quadrant since inception. AirWatch started with managing the device but with a focus on enterprise grade; they provide application deployment, content management, email connectivity and integrated browsing options on any device.

The world is going mobile and each device will have its own ecosystem. This is why AirWatch supports every mobile device and every mobile platform. AirWatch is based on central policy management which is pushed down to the device. If the device is lost the business content can be removed to protect corporate assets.

VMware believes the combination of SDDC, EUC and MDM will make their solutions and value incredibly compelling to their customers.

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  1. Hello Paul,

    I am using a VMware Hosted Virtual Desktop from a ChromeOS device. It works nicely with their new HTML 5 Horizon View Client. Seamless experience. And the hosted desktop launches in a full-immersive mode on ChromeOS.

    I have also used Citrix published apps on ChromeOS using the Citrix app for ChromeOS, that works nicely too.


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