Wednesday, February 12, 2014

General Session, Pat Gelsinger (CEO, VMware)

Pat believes we are going through a major tectonic shift in the IT industry. Pat explains that in times of disruptive innovation you need to obey these guiding principles:

1) Bet on the right side of the technology
2) Do the right thing for the customer
3) Deliver solutions in cooperation with the partner ecosystem

Pat reviews VMware 3 strategic priorities for 2014; Software Defined Datacenter (SDDC), End User Computing (EUC) and vCloud Hybrid Services (vCHS). In order to do this VMware must make SDDC easy to adopt because right now the value is there but implementation can be easier.

Pat explains that VMware is learning to be both a Software Vendor and a Cloud Services Provider. Adapting to this new reality helps them understand how to deliver the SDDC, while enabling it to extend to the Hybrid Cloud. This must be done without sacrificing enterprise requirements like security and policy control. In addition in the End User Computing space VMware must unify Mobile Device Management and End User Computing to incorporate and deliver Cloud Mobility.

While this is a huge challenge for VMware it also represents a huge opportunity. To do this VMware has hired some of the best software engineers in the world. VMware intends to be a leader in the development and adoption of these technologies and its success to date demonstrates this.

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