Wednesday, September 1, 2010

VMworld 2010 Reporting: vCloud Director

The goal of this session is to review the complete VMware stack to provision a business service. The session will introduce vBlock. A vBlock is the ability to buy a turn key infrastructure. It can be purchased as a low to high end solution. It is bundled vSphere, vDirector, CISCO blade and networking with a CLARiiON storage and SAN switch. The idea is to provide predictable facilities, performance and fault tolerance. Additional vBlocks can be purchased to buy additional scale and capacity. The basis of the vBlock model is to buy a service platform and not concentrate on the components.

The provisioning block of the vBlock is done by EMC Ionix Unified Infrastructure Manager. A series of templates are provided for configuring network, compute and storage resources. For example the ESX build can be pushed with the storage and networking environments. The state information for the blades are stored in a service profile so that the blades are stateless. Once associated the blade takes on the appropriate identity.

Using vCloud Director with vCenter Chargeback and vShield for security you can provision virtual DataCenters (vDC). To provision you need to start with an organization which you associate vDC's to. The vDC's can then be subdivided into service catalogs (a collection of vms, templates and ISOs that deliver applications). In addition you have organizational networks which tie the vDC to the physical network layer.

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