Wednesday, July 25, 2018

#GoogleNext18: Bringing you the future of Cloud

Chen Goldberg @GoldbergChen and Aparna Sinha @apbhatnagar will be speaking about the integrated stack of Kubernetes and Istio for Cloud Services Platform and On-Prem GKE. Cloud Services Platform has been built with Consistent experience, Centralized control, Agility with Flexibility in mind. Cloud Services Platform is targeted for Hybrid infrastructure. This enables Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment “CI/CD” across enterprise and Public Cloud environments. Today this is complicated. Cloud Services Platform overcomes these limitations and is powered by Google Kubernetes Engine “GKE”.

Cloud Services Platform provides consistency of service, development and management across environments. GKE On-Prem  is a software kit which can be deployed on enterprise server hardware. From within the Cloud Services Platform in GCP console you can add your GKE On-Prem environment. Adding it generates a registration manifest which you apply to finish connecting GKE On-Prem to Google Cloud Services Platform.

Once integrated you have visibility into the On-Prem GKE platform from within GCP console. You can deploy from GCP console to the On-Prem GKE cluster. In addition, GKE Policy Management is being released to provide synching of namespaces, RBAC polices and secure cluster management. A demo is shown across 3 clusters in both Google and On-Prem GKE in which an RBAC role policy to allow pod deployments for development only. The policy is stored in a Git repository and then pushed to all the clusters.

Cloud Services Platform leverages Istio which manages business services levels. It decouples operations from development by providing common capabilities that every app requires. A demo shows a sample application written in four “4” different programming languages. Istio is pushed to the environment to provide generic services across all languages without code changes. An authentication policy is pushed to enable mTLS authentication across all code bases that make up the application to enable client side authentication.

Jeff White the Platform Architect at eBay is invited to talk about how they are using Google Cloud Platform. eBay leverages Istio to observe metrics and tune existing applications. They are also using Istio to have consistent policies across their environments. Further adoption of Google Cloud Platform and Istio are planned as they move forward.

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