Friday, February 6, 2015

Assign an AppStack to a View Desktop Pool

Okay this is the last post on this topic. It is fairly straight forward now that we have completed the installation and created an AppStack (Please refer to the links if you have not seen the previous posts).  The last step is to assign the AppStack to a View Pool.  To assign the AppStack to a VMware View Pool you will need to ensure the App Volume agent is installed in each virtual desktop.  If you are leveraging View Composer than you can install the Agent on the Pools Parent VM, take a new snapshot and Recompose the desktop Pool.  If you are not then you will need to install the App Volume agent within each View Desktop.  Once you have verified that the Agent is deployed to each View desktop you can follow this procedure to assign the AppStack to the Pool:

  • Login to the App Volumes Manager
  • Select VOLUMES from the menu
  • Select your AppStack and click the Assign button as shown in figure 1.01 Assign an AppStack


figure 1.01 Assign an AppStack

  • When you click Assign the search page comes up which allows you to search the Active Directory for desktops running the App Volumes Agent (Note: it would be a good idea then to consider a slightly modified naming convention for your virtual vs. physical desktops).  To search click the Search button.
  • To enable the AppStack on the desktop select the checkbox and click the Assign button as shown in figure 1.02 Assign Desktop


Of course the last step is always to test to ensure you see the new AppStack applications deployed within the desktop.  Happy AppStacking everyone!

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