Monday, September 3, 2012

VMworld 2012: vCloud Connector Technology Preview

VMware has introduced three major enhancements to Cloud Connector which they are calling:

One Network

Cloud Connector has the ability to do a stretched network using an SSL VPN to connect from an on premise cloud to a public cloud. This allows you to move VMs between locations. Even though you are moving VMs between locations, the Layer 2 network configuration is maintained meaning that neither the IPs or MAC addresses need to change even if you are moving to different geographical regions. The initiation of the SSL VPN is facilitated through the vCloud Director API which all public cloud providers generally expose so it should be universally available. One network does require the underlying virtual infrastructure (vSphere, vCloud Director) to be running at version 5.1.

One Catalog

VMware has enhanced catalogs to allow a publisher subscriber model. For example you can publish a catalog from your private cloud and have your public cloud organizations subscribe. Any changes made to the published catalog are synced to maintain consistency across all copies (Note: at the time of release this is a full sync not a delta sync)

One Cloud

Significant changes have been made to the GUI. It is based on the vCloud Director 5.1 interface so has the same look and feel. Now the Connector Console has the ability to have direct console access to your VMs from within the interface. In addition the migration of workloads is wizard driven and has been reduced to a few clicks.

The migration of workloads still requires the VMs or vApps to be powered off but VMware has hot-migration on its roadmap targeted for the next major release. VMware sited a number of Universities and Sega Gaming systems who were using the One Catalog feature to share projects and gaming catalogs between different regions using public cloud providers.

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