Tuesday, August 28, 2012

VMworld 2012: Opening Keynote: Paul Maritz and Pat Gelsinger

A number of announcements were made including the attendance and diamond sponsors. The numbers this year are 20,000 attendees and 10,000 watching the keynote online. The diamond sponsors this year are CISCO, Dell EMC HP and NetApp.

Paul Maritz was introduced and begins with a look back to when he did his first keynote at VMworld in 2008. Paul talks to the numbers on virtualization based on Gartner. In 2008 25% of workloads were vitual and in 2012 it is 60%. It is now the default way of running applications. In 2008 there were 25,000 VCPs and in 2012 there are 125,000. 13k attendees in 08 and 20 k in 2012.

Paul talks about the mindset "In 2008 we asked what was cloud in 2012 we are asking how do we implement Cloud?". How does the Cloud effect people and processes? VMware has developed a deep body of how to information on virtualization and Cloud. Paul asks In 4 years how do things look?

Paul believes that a strong set of forces are at work to automate most of the people processes. From physical process to computer based process. Every business is expected to be able to do this. what is happening now is not just the presentation of static information but the tailoring of experiences based on the audience in real time. This has profound implications on what happens underneath to the infra This cannot happen on todays infrastructure. Providing information is not innovative but providing relevance is. How can we take IT more efficient an agile to deliver on these challenges.

We will see an transformation in IT. It will happen in three broad categories: Infrastructure, Applications (real-time demand at exceptional scale) and Access (from a PC dominated world to mobile devices).

Paul introduces Pat Gelsinger to talk about the future (the new CEO Almost)

Pat would like to begin talking about the infrastructure layer. Pat is targeting moving businesses from 60% virtualization to 90% virtualization. We need to continue to make progress on provisioning down to minutes and seconds. To much complexity is involved in deployment. For example the complexity of networking security; can we automate these as wells? The promise is the software-defined datacenter. All infrastructure is virtualized and delivered as a service and the automation is entirely done by software.

Pat mentions that there is strong push from vendors, database (read Oracle) to make it more proprietary and separated. This is not the approach that VMware will take. The challenge is to do to the rest of the datacenter what was done for servers with virtualization. Can it be done?

Introducing vCloud Suite

vCloud is based on vSphere and layered vShield, SRM and vCloud Director with plugins for operations suite and vfabric. It includes APIs for extensibility, Connector for interoperability and Orchestrator for automation.

It is based on the unmatched, comprehensive and highest performance virtualization product on the market vSphere 5.1.

Pat says that VMware has done a good job of having a yearly cadence of major software releases. VMware is proven. 80% of the 60% of workloads virtualized are running on VMware.

Pat then makes the announcement that many have been waiting for. Pat announces "Today we are striking vRAM from VMware's dictionary. Licensing will be based on CPU/Socket with no core limits.

Pat also mentions a new set of role-based certifications. VMware will provide the tools and services to help you navigate of this change to Cloud computing.

VMware realizes It is a multi-cloud world and explains that Cloud Foundry supports other vendor clouds. In addition VMware aquired Dynamic Ops to support other clouds.

VMware also mentions the opensource Network acquisition Nicira which was completed on Thursday of last week.

What about the Applications in the era of Cloud? Pat mentions the major updates to vFabric this year. Cloud Foundry is the one and only open PaaS platform.

Pat also mentions Wanova and Mirage product. VMware is making Horizon is the broker for the cloud era. In summary VMware has the transformation to Cloud well covered and is here to enable customers.

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