Monday, August 30, 2010

VMworld 2010 Reporting: Future of End User Computing

Mobile devices are pulling apart the traditional desktop; example many apps are already running from the public cloud (think The key to enabling users is to deliver a better, always on, customizable type user experience. How then can today's IT deliver consumer level simplicity with enterprise level compliance and security? So what to do? Doing nothing will cost you on many fronts; so we have no choice but to deliver. You need to embrace cloud computing and address these end user requirements according to VMware. VMware sees this as a 3 stage journey, modernizing windows, unifying application management (cloud and local apps) and then collaboration in the cloud.

ThinApp is key to this modernization because it is an app virtualization and migration tool not just an app virtualization tool (applicable in Windows 7 migrations).

PCoIP is also key; a real strength PCoIP is that it is UDP based. Fundamentally PCoIP does not impose overhead through packet retransmits like TCP.

VDI is more complex as the OS is constantly changing depending on what the user is doing. In addition local mode in View 4.5 was highlighted with the type two solution (windows on windows and mac on mac soon) as a Bring Your Own Computer (BYOC) solutions. It Does not require the reload that the client side hypervisor requires. View 4.5 supports tiered storage APIs. New product announcement "vShield edge server for offloading anti-virus for VDI".

- Future trends, diversity (hardware platforms, OSes and Apps)
- HTML5 cache, zero touch clients, native video and GPS capabilities
- Application Frameworks, apps are being constructed though web frameworks (i.e. Google Earth, SaaS).
- Corporate IT is 50%/50% (sales
- Connectivity is ubiquitous

It's about the applications which leads the presenter into talking about Zimbra. People see it as email but it is SaaS framework.

New product announcement; ThinApp factory a potential Dazzle competitor. Codename Project Horizon based on ThinApp and policy based delivery of applications to users.

Native PCoIP client from the iPad was discussed but not demo'd. It will be during one of the keynotes.

What is collaboration in the cloud, blending hosted and non hosted apps into a single end point. Auto-managed and delivered to the users.

VMware's valued add is they are not building a SaaS which assumes the backend is a proprietary datacenter (I.e. Google). There technology allows the integration of several data centers behind a common framework.

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